During 2006 Cradley Heath was undergoing terrific change with old buildings being torn down ready for the construction of a new TESCO supermarket and access roads. Warren McCabe-Smith made up his mind to record on film what his home town was like before the bulldozers finished their work, and with co-producer Harry Bloomer did just that. Together they not only recorded the old landmarks, but spoke to Cradley Heath people to find out their opinions on the changes that were happening, and their experiences of life over the years in Cradley Heath.

They found that the community spirit remained as strong as ever, with local people taking great pride in their area and its history. The warmth of character of these people is one of the films most outstanding features.

If you think you know Cradley Heath and its people, take a look at the film and find out if you really do.

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A Story of Cradley Heath (DVD)